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Information Governance

The significance of information governance is well engrained in Nexify’s DNA as the success of any data solution driven by adaptability and value creation is based on how organizations manage data, realize value from it, minimize cost and complexity, manage risk, and ensure compliance with ever-growing legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

To that end, organizations need to do more than manage data; they need a governance system that sets the rules of engagement for management activities.

Data Lineage

Quorum 360’s data lineage module helps organizations establish a robust governance framework.

An example use case is General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and how Quorum 360 helps establish a governance framework for enterprises to determine compliance to this regulation.

Metadata Integration

Quorum 360 allows metadata integration enabling business users to identify privacy related attributes within the metadata itself, across several applications and generate reports to measure compliance by combining privacy and non-privacy attributes or between objects that belong to different sources but have combined privacy attributes by the feature of data cataloguing.

Finding answers by breaking silos

Enterprise-wide governance allows breaking silos by putting a structure that empowers key players of the information ecosystem and therefore manages information risk, security, quality, and quality assurance

Answers to privacy-related questions can be sought using Quorum 360 to ensure absolute compliance.


Foundations of Information Governance

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