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Modern Data Managment

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Information As A Service

A modern management data solution should be able to service data requests of several functional teams supporting specific use cases. Figuratively, the warehousing solution should help deliver an enterprise’s information, in a business-friendly format, to consumers throughout the organization.


“Information-As-A-Service” is the process that underpins data exchange and is guided by the principle that getting the right information in the right format to the right people in the right manner at the right time is imperative for the success, usability and appropriateness of any data management platform.

Vocabulary Management

Intrinsic to the success of a IaaS is governance, vocabulary management that allows secure access control, flexible exchange of data using business taxonomies well understood by all subscribers across the enterprise. Quorum 360 allows users to manage within the platform multiple vocabularies emanating from different sources and then create a taxonomy that can be used for further integration with other systems

Quorum 360 for IaaS

Technically, Quorum 360’s dynamic data modelling helps combine source data in bespoke end – user models, while establishing semantics over the entire data set and there by providing IaaS capability using OData (Open Data Protocol), which defines the set of principles for building and consuming RESTful APIs. OData helps standardize REST APIs design and its focus is on business logic over technical details of request/response approaches.

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