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bi news

Have you ever made a hiring mistake? If you are like most firms, hiring errors are among the most costly mistakes firms regularly make. Biases, human error, and unsophisticated tools to understand candidate-company fit are among some of the reasons people—and companies—continually make hiring mi...
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data and analytics trends

Along with social, mobile and cloud, analytics and associated data technologies have earned a place as one of the core disruptors of the digital age. 2015 saw big data initiatives moving from test to production and a strong push to leverage new data technologies to power business intelligence. As 20...
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big data

Every second trillions of data bits are accumulated and stored. All these data bits make no sense if you don´t know how to sort them. Now University of Southern Denmark (SDU) researchers present a tool that helps researchers sort data and retrieve meaningful knowledge from the data jungle, presenti...
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