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Modern Data Management for the Enterprise

Data is at the heart of the architecture for a digital business

Demands for Scale

Scale characterized by Volume, Speed and Diversity

Demands for Distribution

Distribution characterised by Data everywhere, Hyper-connectivity, Processing Everywhere

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Data driven Outcomes

Data for machine learning needs to be diverse in origin and type. Data science & AI starts with data

Nexify’s modern data management platform allows to both collect & connect data

A platform that allows enterprises to collect data and connect through the data to support diverse business use cases. 

Data Sourcing

Allow to collect diverse data sets and connect with newer data sets on an ad-hoc basis

Data Ingestion

Simplified data ingestion and storage with several processing options

Data Modelling

Flexible data modelling that allows business users to change data models as new data sets arrive

A solution that supports all the needs of an enterprise


Standard Enterprise Apps Connectors


Connected & Reliable Data


Customer Satisfaction

Building a Data driven Culture

What’s your data challenge?

Isolated Data Silos characterised by Divisions, Customers, Suppliers….

Inefficient Workflows described by Long Delays, Complex Governance & Control…

Data Inaccessibility defined by the lack of an Integrated View of Data, Limited Search Functionalities…

Low Data Quality delineated by Outdated, Duplicated, Incorrect & Contradictory Information…

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Why Connected Data?

Why Nexify?

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